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"The best curtains are handmade in every detail, apart from the seams joining the widths. Good curtain makers do not use heading tapes, but create every pleat, gather, and hem by hand. With a machine you always get a little pulling, so a handmade curtain will always hang better..."

Stephanie Hoppen in The New Curtain Book

  • We will supply accurate bids for all window treatments and other "soft" goods for the interior design industry. Our quotes include accurate fabric requirements based on submitted technical information and specifications.

  • All quotes are custom and based on specific details of finished product and materials used.

  • Our bids can include accurate field measuring and installation if requested.

  • Contact us with specifications and business credentials for bids and terms of contract.

  • Fabrications are initiated with a deposit and time schedules are based on receipt of fabric.

    We look forward to assisting you with your projects

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